Climber - Professional Arborists


Job Details:

-Full time position - We are open Monday - Friday 7am to 4pm. Year round.

-Working with our client arborists (sales), schedulers, and tree care crews to meet company objectives and goals.

-Position includes working the ground, climbing, utilizing equipment like chippers, bucket, track lifts and auxiliary equipment.

-Opportunities to grow as a climber, arborist, leader and maybe a little personally too

Qualifications & Nice to Haves:

-Must be able to drive, legally. If you have a CDL bonus points!!

-High safety standards, it is one of our core values

-Tree risk assessment skills

-Knowledgeable regarding equipment inspection skills

-Experienced in safe climbing techniques and procedures

-Familiar in pruning, removal, and rigging skills

Benefits included in this position:

-Supreme Bonus - A monthly bonus ranging from $500-$1000 paid each month. We know, we said month twice. That’s a potential for an additional $9-$12k a year.

-Sign On Bonus - 50% at 90 and 50% at 1 year, $1000-$3000 potential.

-Referral Bonus - 50% at 90 and 50% at 1 year, $1000-$3000 potential.

-Four Day Work Week - Crushing it this week? We set a revenue goal and if you do it in 4 days we’ll pay out 40 hours and you can have a 3 day weekend.

-Health Care - For when you need to be an adult.

-Retirement - 401k with up to a 4% company match - That’s free money!

-Sick time - Day one of hiring start banking that sick time. Use it for whenever you need it. Don’t tell anyone but you don’t even need to be sick to use it.

-Paid Time Off - We pay you not to be here. Or you can take unpaid time off too.

-Six paid holidays a year - The classics

-Weekly Pay - And it is every week.

-Free life insurance - Starting after 60 days.

-Boot Allowance: $275 on every anniversary to get fancy shoes, maybe some socks.

-Saddle Program - Stay with us for a year. Get your saddle. Free. Boy we say free a lot.

-Anniversary recognition program - Really we are not afraid of commitment and like to show it

-Regular Hangout & Events - Typically we don’t run from people afterhours.

About Us:

-Core Purpose: We grow and connect with each other while caring for the urban forest

-10 Year Goal: In 2032, everyone is living and working in their genius.

-Privately owned

-We have our own shop, yard and office.

-We have chip trucks, bucket trucks, tracklift, mini-skids and more. And if you like red, then… you’ll be in heaven. Including our own mechanic.

-Climbers work with our Tree Lead to ensure they’re outfitted with the proper gear to fit their work style.

Company Values:

-Quality: We are damn good at what we do. We pride ourselves in doing the best work that can be done, and we constantly look for ways to do it better.

-Levity: We laugh at ourselves. We are not afraid to help each other remember that there’s always room for lightness in our work, even when it sucks. Like your mom.

-Authenticity: We are people first. We trust that we are all doing our best, so we give each other space to have lives, be real, make mistakes, and grow

-Responsibility: We own our own shit. We each take 100% responsibility for our own actions and our own experience, and we count on one another to do the same.

-Safety: We look out for what matters. We do everything we can to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our community, our planet, and each other

How to apply: Send us an email to with your relevant work experience in the field. Bonus points if you let us know the best days and times to reach you.

Apply via Email