Operations Wingman


Job Details: 

-Full time position - We are open Monday - Friday 7am to 4pm. Year round. Unless it’s snowing real real bad. 

-Variety is the spice of life this position is supports our Ultimate Scheduling Coordinator, Backend Guru and the Operations Department of the whole company.

-Position includes helping with our scheduling, answering the phones to field customer inquiries from the mundane to the crazy, and dabbling in some bookkeeper support.

-Supporting us in quarterly projects, which we call rocks. We’re into nature.

-Opportunities to grow in this role, as a leader and maybe a little personally too

Qualifications & Nice to Haves:

-Mad typing skills - If you know keyboard shortcuts you're a wizard

-Total recall - can you remember what happened with a customer a week ago?

-Likes alone time and together time

-The ability to concentrate for long periods of time

-Administrative Abilities like superpowers

-Problem Solving - Jimmi needs one truck but it’s assigned to Tom - what do we do?!

-Attention to details - Like does anyone named Jimmi even work here?

-Knowledge of office equipment

-Superior time and task management

-Computer competencies - Macs and Windows

-Organization, cause we’re not very organized

-Quickbooks knowledge is rad, but we can train you

-Familiarity with Google apps, dropbox, slack

Benefits included in this position:

-Supreme Bonus - A monthly bonus of $250 paid each month. We know, we said month twice. That’s a potential for an additional $3k a year.

-Sign On Bonus - 50% at 90 and 50% at 1 year, $1000.

-Four Day Work Week - We set a goal and if you do it in 4 days we’ll pay out 40 hours and you can have a 3 day weekend.  

-Health Care - For when you need to be an adult.

-Retirement - 401k with up to a 4% company match - That’s free money!

-Sick time - Day one of hiring start banking that sick time. Use it for whenever you need it. Don’t tell anyone but you don’t even need to be sick to use it. 

-Paid Time Off - We pay you not be here. Or you can take unpaid time off too. 

-Six paid holidays a year - The classics

-Weekly Pay - And it is every week. 

-Free life insurance - Starting after 60 days. 

-Anniversary recognition program - Really we are not afraid of commitment and like to show it   

-Regular Hangout & Events - Typically we don’t run from people afterhours. 

About Us: 

-Core Purpose: We grow and connect with each other while caring for the urban forest

-10 Year Goal: In 2032, everyone is living and working in their genius.

-Privately owned 

Company Values:

-Quality: We are damn good at what we do. We pride ourselves in doing the best work that can be done, and we constantly look for ways to do it better.

-Levity: We laugh at ourselves. We are not afraid to help each other remember that there’s always room for lightness in our work, even when it sucks. Like your mom.

-Authenticity: We are people first. We trust that we are all doing our best, so we give each other space to have lives, be real, make mistakes, and grow

-Responsibility: We own our own shit. We each take 100% responsibility for our own actions and our own experience, and we count on one another to do the same.

-Safety: We look out for what matters. We do everything we can to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our community, our planet, and each other

How to apply: Send us an email to careers@taddikentree.com with your relevant work experience in the field. Bonus points if you let us know the best days and times to reach you.

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