Green Lawn

Save Water on Your Lawn

Fast forward to July. The sun is blazing, you're sweating, your skin feels like a raisin and you can't drink enough water no matter what! Does this sound familiar? Summer in the front range, right? It seems like every year it's getting warmer and warmer. Each year there are record high temperatures. As this continues, water is increasingly becoming a very important resource.

I know, I know, we're a tree company, so why are we talking about lawns? Well, we are always looking for ways to help the environment, even if it's not directly related to trees. We added electric chainsaws to our list of tools, we started composing at the office, and we've reduced the amount of green waste that goes to the landfill. So, when we came across a treatment that helps us conserve a valuable resource, we jumped all over it.


  • This lawn treatment helps promote water delivery to the roots increasing watering efficiency by up to 2x

  • Studies show that a lawn can reduce it’s watering by 50% and homeowners can still benefit from the same, green, lush lawn they’ve come to love.

  • This treatment only needs to be applied 1-2 times per growing season for best, lasting results. 

  • The treatment is eco-friendly, it is biodegradable and contains no petrochemical derivatives or other toxic substances.

With all that said, we think it's a really great opportunity to help conserve water and reduce your water bill at the same time. So, if that's of interest to you, let us know, you know where to find us.