Local Love

There's nowhere like home (Boulder).

Boulder County is a special place

While every city has its own charms, Boulder is a magical place. If you're from here, you knew that already. If you're new here, welcome! These are some of the places that help make this a better community.

To be clear, there is no affiliation here, we didn't even let these businesses know, we just picked some of our favorites (and probably forgot a lot more). If you're new or you just haven't tried anything different lately, some of these recommendations might help you.

Alpine Provisions

Shampoo, conditioner, all sorts of stuff made with ingredients you can pronounce and plastic-free packaging.

Audrey Jane's Pizza Garage

And who says you can't get good pizza in Colorado? Best pizza in town!

Avery Brewing

Avery not only has some amazing beers, but they're so eclectic. Pretty much anything you're in the mood for—they have it. And the outdoor patio on a warm spring day? That doesn't suck.

Avid 4 Adventure

Avid runs camps for kids that helps them take full advantage of the Colorado life.


Do we get a breakfast burrito from here almost every morning, maybe?!?!?! Seriously delicious food.

Board & Bolt

Board & Bolt are award-winning furniture designers and builders specializing in traditional and modern furniture. They make works of art crafted to fit your unique needs and style. We love their stuff, make sure to check out their website!!!

Boulder Community Cycles

Let's be real, Boulder is a phenomenal city to bike around. You almost don't need a car. Community Cycles does so much around bikes you just gotta check them out!

Boulder Farmers' Market

A weekend favorite. It hasn't been just veggies for a long time and is definitely worth a walk, ride, or bus trip downtown to either pick stuff up for dinner or just watch all the strange people you share this city with.

Boulder Sports Recycler

Why buy new when you can buy used? This place is great for buying or selling used gear.

Boulder Theater

This place is a legend. If you haven't seen anyone play here, you should.


They do something with the beans that is just magic. Fair warning: if you're visiting from somewhere that doesn't have great Mexican food (like Bainbridge Island or something), then don't eat here, because it will spoil you.

Green Goo

As tree climbers our hands get beat up pretty good, that's why we love Green Goo's Hand Goo! Plus they have tons of other awesome products. Green Goo is a women-founded and family run B Corp. They make portable, effective OTC first aid products here in the USA that are plant-based and certified cruelty free. Green Goo is on a mission to spread goodness by revolutionizing self care with wholesome, effective alternatives to chemically-laden legacy brands. Definitely a company to check out.

Illegal Pete's

Great place for a quick bite. Their burritos can't be beat. Careful around lunch time though, because the line can get long.

Liberty Puzzles

If you've ever put together a puzzle and been irritated by the cheap production of the puzzle, then Liberty is for you.

Namasté Solar

You've probably noticed, but it's sunny here a lot. An awful lot. That sun can power your house (or your shiny new Rivian). It's probably cheaper and easier than you think. And next time there's a power outage you're going to feel like a rock star.

Neptune Mountaineering

If you're into climbing, skiing, or anything outdoorsy, you already know about this place. But just in case you don't, Neptune's has one of the best (if not the best) climbing museums in the country and all the fun gear you'd ever want.

Odd13 Brewing

Downtown Lafayette brewery worth checking out if you're in the area and in the mood for a pint.

Ozo Coffee

If you prefer your coffee hot and black, this is your place. If you want a double mocha frappuccino with pumpkin spice and extra whipped cream, they can probably make that too...


Excellent mexican food! They may or may not know our lunch order by heart ;)

Protect Our Winters

This group of passionate outdoor people are doing great things to protect our planet from climate change, check them out!

Rosetta Hall

We love our community! This is a great place to gather with old friends and a place to make new friends. The food and drink selections are excellent and the rooftop offers great views.

Skratch Labs

Fuel for an active life! We go through pounds of their hydration mix.

Sturtz & Copeland

Sturtz & Copeland have been a Boulder staple for a long, long time. You know you need more plants, they just make you happy. Even if you killed that last orchid that your girlfriend gave you for Christmas, it's ok, we're not judging.

Sweet Cow

Best. Ice cream. Ever.

Trident Booksellers & Café

A small, independent, employee owned bookstore and cafe, yeah we love this place. Their coffee and drinks are delicious. Plus, even though the bookstore is small, the gems inside are large.


Unpolished Crafts creates unique home decor, gifts and earrings. They specialize in custom signs and can make your ideas come to life.

Wallaroo Hat Company

These hats are great! We love how they draw their inspiration from nature. Their craftsmanship and focus on function and fashion makes their hats great for everyday life and adventures.

Yeti Cycles

Yeti makes some of the best mountain bike frames in the world and they're based right in Colorado. If you mountain bike, Boulder, Lyons, Golden, Ned, and the surrounding hills have some great rides, but you're also within a relatively short drive of some epic riding like Crested Butte, Fruita, and Moab.