Tree Fertilization

Tree Fertilizer Guide

What is the best tree fertilizer?

We’ve tailored our fertilizer to the specific soil and tree needs of our region. Soils in the front range are notoriously poor in structure, PH and nutrient levels. By incorporating a nutrient management system into your yearly tree care plan you are setting up your plants for a healthy and happy life. Would you rather trust a box store’s standard tree fertilizer stake, or Taddiken Tree Company's tried and true magic concoction? 

But wait… What if I have a specific species of tree I need fertilized? 

Luckily, our all-in-one fertilization treatment is perfect for apple trees to zelkova trees.

What’s the best time to fertilize trees?

Spring and fall fertilization (what we refer to as soil nutrition) is the way to go! We have tailored these two treatments to the needs of trees and shrubs based on the time of year and the needs of the plants. 

Where do you put fertilizer on trees?

The best practice for fertilizing trees with our liquid fertilizer is to inject around the trees critical root zone with a deep root probe. This allows for the tree to have optimum absorption of nutrients to promote health and vigor. 

Why should you hire a tree service company to fertilize your trees?

If you value expertise, knowledge, and scientifically driven products then you’ll love our fertilization treatments. DIY’s have their time and place, like making your own soap (which Kelsey our master scheduler loves to do), but not when it comes to your tree's health. When you have a certified arborist inspect your trees they can help provide thoughtful insight into your trees overall health as well. 

*Want to learn more about our treatment philosophy? Of course you do! Check out our plant health care page here: